Nepal is an economically struggling country. Many women in Nepal aren’t even considered to be Nepali citizens unless they are registered by their fathers and husbands. What if these women were given the knowledge and hope that they could not only change their own lives but their nations as well?


There are many organizations that focus on skills training for the women, but we recognize that even having a skill, jobs are not readily available for women in Nepal. So the question is how do we provide jobs for more women in Nepal? We provide a four month training course that focuses on making a product with quality and excellence. During that time we also have classes that focus on character development and Biblical worldview principles. Once the women have gone through our training, that’s where you come in. By buying our products you are providing jobs for these women. The women who are trained to our standards can then essentially work for themselves. They make the jewelry and products from their homes keeping the family unit together, and we purchase the pieces directly from them at a fair price. This allows them to not only make a living but also allows for them to rise above the poverty line and affect those around them. Our women know that you, the buyer, values not only the beautifully designed product that they make but also you value her as well. Thank you for taking part in stopping trafficking and imparting value to our women. We believe we can change not only Nepal but the world. It starts with an individual.

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