Nothing that you’ve read, or will read, can prepare you for it: The day your precious little snowflake becomes an angst-ridden, malcontent- a teenager


Can you remember the squabbles you had with your own mother? They seem like tiny ripples now in a long timeline of otherwise warm moments on your path to growth and maturity. You talked back a few times. Maybe you missed a curfew or two. You disagreed on fashion or who you should date.

Normal stuff.

But today in this digital age, you and your teen can barely keep track of the things on your list to argue over. You want to protect her from a world that she cannot understand and you fear the information that she’s getting “out there.” You try not to sweat the small stuff to keep the peace and tackle the big stuff with love.

In Nepal, a mother does not have the luxury you enjoy of fighting about things like screen time or piercings. In Nepal, it is typical for more than 30% of girls to be married before their 18th birthday. 10% of girls are married by the time they are age 15.

Child marriage is illegal in Nepal, but enforcement is weak.

Poverty is a major factor in the push to marriage. A family faces immense pressure to marry girls young. The payment of a dowry can save a family from ruin. Some girls elope to avoid arranged marriages or choose to find a man who can support and feed her if her family is struggling to provide for her.
You can help. Here’s a handy list of what you can do here and abroad to build up a young woman.

At Home
Keep the path of communication wide open with your daughter, nieces, students, etc. Encourage her to talk about any and everything. Make an effort to listen. Don’t be afraid to set limits. Let her know what the rules and expectations and hold firm. Discipline is Love.

Want to learn more about child marriage in Nepal? Take a few moments to read the article “Our Time to Sing and Play” written by the Human Rights Watch.

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Thank you for your heart to help the women we serve.

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