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Welcome to Beauty for Ashes International. Beauty for Ashes is a 501(c)3 non profit in the U.S., which provides job skill training, education, and micro business financing to hurting and exploited women around the world. When you purchase our jewelry and other gift items, you are helping to break the cycle of poverty that fuels human trafficking, and making a lasting difference in a woman's life, giving her dignity, and a meaningful way of supporting herself and her family.

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It’s time to talk about #HumanTrafficking

Many of us know that the issue of Human Trafficking is very real- but many of our family and friends have yet to comprehend how widespread the problem is or how devastating its effects can be even after someone is rescued. But the problem is so vast. How can any of us wrap our heads […]

Drive for Change: Profile of a Hero

How many people would you guess you encounter on an average day? Have you ever given thought to what that number might be? Not just your family, friends or people living with you and not only the familiar people that you know or speak to on a daily basis. Who do you see? The barista. […]

Teen Trouble

Nothing that you’ve read, or will read, can prepare you for it: The day your precious little snowflake becomes an angst-ridden, malcontent- a teenager . Can you remember the squabbles you had with your own mother? They seem like tiny ripples now in a long timeline of otherwise warm moments on your path to growth […]

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